Looking Forward To A Surprise WWDC Keynote

The WWDC Keynote is a mere 5 minutes away! I’m really excited about this one. It’s been rare in recent years to go into one of these as fresh and unspoiled as to what could be announced. Most of the few rumors that we’ve heard say to have lowered expectations, this will be a maintenance and bug fix update year. I’m really glad to be unspoiled by what to expect, but I’m afraid I have to agree with my friend Scott. We really have Greater Expectations even for a bug fix and maintenance update cycle. The current status quo has been building up for many years now. The bugs, performance issues and broken promises are piling up high. Even a quite cycle of Bug Fixes & Improvements will seem like a major update for many of us. I really hope that rumor is true and that Apple delivers this year. All of the current platforms desperately need it.

Having said that I do have a short wish list for WWDC. A better watchOS! Marco Arment is right, WatchKit is a sweet solution that will only ever give us baby apps. Apple should be using the same frameworks that third party devs are restricted too. We desperately need new frameworks that give developers the ability to make apps on par with what the Apple stock apps are. Recent updates to watchOS have given us much better performance and possibilities way better than the dark days of watchOS 1.0, but we still don’t have What We Need From Apple To Make Standalone Apple Watch Podcast Apps. Many other great categories of watch apps simply can’t exist right now either. I’m really hoping we see some major improvements in this area today with the announcement of watchOS 5.

For now I’m prepping to watch the keynote more excited than I have been in years. Let’s hope it’s a good one!!!

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