That’s a whole lot of Appetite For Destruction. Some really good bonus tracks on here. This album from Guns N’ Roses was such a memorable release. I can remember every boom box in the neighborhood rocking it for a whole summer.

GnR Cover

51 Songs, 3 Hours, 31 Minutes

iTunes EDITORS’ NOTES: >It’s hard to overstate the impact of Guns N’ Roses’ 1987 debut as a commercial juggernaut, convulsive pop-cultural realignment, and overall statement of (ill) intent. This extremely deluxe reissue—a year late for the record’s 30th anniversary—clocks in at 51 tracks and three and a half hours, an exhaustive and definitive document of not only the original album but its sundry B-sides, outtakes, and 25 previously unreleased demos. The ferocious live tracks encapsulate the energy of a band shot out of a cannon from the Sunset Strip’s grimy glam-metal underground into worldwide infamy. Whatever the band’s complicated history since, the sheer mass of material—highlighted by the seldom-heard pre-GNR song “Shadow of Your Love” and an embryonic acoustic version of “November Rain”—feels revelatory.

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