My Favorite Westworld Podcasts

Westworld is back for season two & I’m super stoked. It opened with a bang Sunday night & looks to be setting the stage for a great new season, but we now have nearly a week of down time to fill before next Sunday.

If you’re like me, after an episode like that, you probably like to spend the next few days pondering the latest installment of these types of show while waiting for the next episode. In addition to relentlessly mentally reviewing, and sometimes rewatching the episode, I love listening to great podcasts about it as well. This got me thinking I should probably compile a list of the best Westworld podcast from my point of view. I make no claims to this being a definitive Best Of list for everyone, but of the Westworld podcasts I’ve listened to, these are the ones I’ve gotten the most enjoyment from, including one brand new entry this year. In addition to some info about each one, I’ll include web links and the RSS feed to each one for easy subscribing. I’m also including the artwork for each show so if you’re relying on a podcasts app’s search feature you can be sure to find the right shows.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my list.

Watching Westworld from Bald Move

Watching Westworld Cover Art

Jim and A.Ron usually drop 3 healthy doses of podcast per episode of the show.

Almost immediately following each episode of the show on Sunday night you’ll get a short episode of the podcast with initial impressions. This is usually followed just a few days later around Tuesday with a longer more detailed analysis of that weeks episode. They usually follow that up on Thursday or Friday with a special Spoilore Edition episode where they like to entertain crackpot theories from their fans and web in general, as well as what may be known or speculated to come ahead. I first stumbled across the Bald Move guys via their excellent Game of Thrones podcast, and I generally enjoy their content anytime they cover shows I’m watching.

Here’s a link to their RSS Feed for your Podcatcher of choice.

Decoding Westworld by David Chen & Joanna Robinson

Decoding Westworld Cover Art

David & Joanna usually release Decoding Westworld late Monday or Tuesday.

Decoding Westworld is a weekly deep dive into the current weeks episode of the show. These two personalities are each great on their own, but they have an outstanding chemistry when working together. They provide excellent commentary and thought provoking analysis of the episodes and really dive deep into the implications in the shows world as well as our own. Like the guys on Bald Move, I first discovered David & Joanna via their equally excellent Game of Thrones podcast, and generally enjoy listening to them talk about any show I’m watching as well. Both hosts also do lots of writing about things on screens for their respective publications. Find links in their twitter bios and be sure to check out their writing.

Here’s a link to their RSS Feed for your Podcatcher of choice.

Still Watching: Westworld from Vanity Fair

Still Watching: Westworld Cover Art

Looks like we can expect this one once a week.

Still Watching is new to my line up of Westworld podcasts this year featuring Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson & senior writer Joanna Robinson. Why yes that is the same Joanna Robinson listed above, and yes she is good enough to listen to in two different Westworld podcasts a week. I had no previous exposure to Richard Lawson, but in the episode I listened to Monday, I felt he and Joanna had good chemistry while covering this weeks episode of the show. It didn’t hurt that they also had a great discussion on the episode. Looks like they originally started Still Watching covering The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, but have now co-opted it for Westworld. I’ll be looking forward to hearing their weekly installments in my line up.

Here’s a link to their RSS Feed for your Podcatcher of choice.

Westworld (from TeeVee) by The Incomparable

Westworld TeeVee Cover Art

A somewhat erratic release schedule during their recent rewatch of season one cannot be held against them. With host like Kelly Guimont & Don Melton, I generally forgive any irregularity in the release schedule, however Kelly has personally assured me we can count on a steady stream of short takes and in-depth analysis episodes all through the current season. She really is great! Party on…

I feel like no collection of podcasts on a TV series is complete without an entry from The Incomparable Network. The Westworld episodes of their TeeVee show most certainly earn their place in this list. When on schedule, hosts Kelly & Don usually bring a quick take initial impressions episode Sunday or Monday followed by very thorough analysis of the episode in depth later in the week. They have a motto that no frame of film is wasted in Westworld and they pass it on by not wasting a second of audio in their episodes. As if that’s not enough they bring it all with the excitement of the inner child inside each of us that has just seen Star Wars for the first time. These two host not only have great chemistry together, but also complimentary personalities perfectly suited to drive each other, and us with them, down into the deepest and craziest rat holes to find every morsel Westworld has to offer.

Here’s a link to their RSS Feed for your Podcatcher of choice.

Westworld is a great TV show and there’s many great podcasts about Westworld out there. If you feel I’ve left one out that should make the cut feel free to send feedback or thoughts to me on Twitter or

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