#ListeningTo - This Week's Podcasts 🎙

My podcast listening was pretty sporadic throughout the week and I kept forgetting to post my list despite having fancy new shortcuts to do it for me. Here’s what I listened to or released myself this week.

BubbleSort TV 📺

It was a big week for BubbleSort TV. We finally added a second show to our roster. I wrote a little here about how Clay, Ronnie and I are covering the Hulu Original Castle Rock. Scott and I also just released an episode on the latest Better Call Saul episode.

Shows By Other BubbleSort Friends

Of other interest there’s a new Pocket Sized Podcast from Scott & Andy as well as a new episode of Pragmatic by John Chidgey. Last but certainly not least Clay brought in a new episode of his solo show.

Other Shows I Listened To

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