#ListeningTo - Last Week's Podcasts 🎙

I kind of liked just having the one weekly digest for this last week so I’m trying it out again this week. Here’s the podcasts I either participated in or listened to last week.

My Shows & Shows From Friends 🎙

I finally managed to get a long overdue episode of BubbleSort out of the editing bay with internet friends Clay and John Chidgey. Also Scott and I had a supersized episode of BubbleSort TV covering the Better Call Saul season finale! Speaking of Scott he and cohost Andy round out this section of the list with a new Pocket Sized Podcast.

TV Podcasts 📺

Doctor Who is back and I’m stoked to see what Jodie Whittaker will bring to the table as the doctor! The premier episode was full of the usual fun and thrills of meeting the new doctor. We’ll still need a few episodes under our belts to see exactly what kind of doctor she’ll be though. I did enjoy listening to these great podcasts about it though. While we are speaking of good Doctor Who Podcasts, keep your eyes and ears peeled for an episode of BubbleSort TV with myself, Clay and Kelly Guimont, AKA verso on Twitter. We discuss the Doctor Who premier episode and it should release later this week. The three of of us are going to try and cover the show together all season long and should be lots of fun.

Of course Doctor Who wasn’t the only great tv this week. There was the aforementioned Better Call Saul season finale and there’s some other podcasts covering it represented here as well.


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