Announcing The New BubbleSort TV Podcast 🎙 📺

My BubbleSort co-hosts and I have decided to do a new spin-off podcast about movies and tv shows we are watching. We enjoy talking about what we are watching on the regular BubbleSort Show, but we wanted a place where we can really geek out and dive a little deeper into the shows and movies we are watching. This will also enable us to bring on internet friends like Scott & Ronnie, as well as many others to discuss great TV shows we’re all watching.

The new show is called BubbleSort TV and we are modeling this much like the great TeeVee Podcast by The Incomparable Network. There will be lots of tv show coverage and maybe the occasional movie too. To kick this new endeavor off Scott and I are doing Better Call Saul season 4. We also have plans to go back and do the previous seasons in the down time between seasons 4 & 5. Additionally Clay and I will be starting a run of episodes on Legion soon with the first episode and going through seasons 1 & 2 while we wait on season 3. Ronnie, Clay and I hope to be doing Castle Rock from Hulu soon as well. We want to be able to provide coverage for all our favorite shows eventually.

For now it’s going to be a firehose feed with all the great shows, but we are looking into setting up dedicated feeds for each individual show we are covering as well. We hope to get it visible in iTunes within the next few days, but Episode 1 is now available on the site and here’s a link to the RSS feed for you to subscribe.

We’ve also set up a BubbleSort Slack you can join if you’d like to interact with us all and share feedback. Of course email and tweetback is always welcome as well.

We are really looking forward to this new show and hope you will enjoy listening as much as we’ll enjoy producing it.

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