A Better Siri Watch Face.

Better Siri Face

I’ve now said on one released podcast and one freshly recorded one, that this would be my ideal set up for a Siri watch face. I’m not sure I did my idea justice in audio form, so I’d like to clarify it just a bit with a good visual. Looking at those two watch faces side by side, you can clearly see that the primary Siri tile would perfectly fit into the large complication spot on the modular face. They could accomplish this easily by simply giving us a Siri Complication for the large space in the Modular face.

In this configuration You could still have the smarts of Siri and all it’s coming 3rd party app including, context aware shortcut glory right there. You could even still use the crown to scroll through the Siri tiles, but also have 4 other persistent complications. Sure it wouldn’t be the best thing to look at, the modular face is full of utility but very ugly, but the Siri Face doesn’t win any design awards in my book either.

This could potentially erase the need many of us feel to have multiple faces setup with different complications sets for different contexts. Pick your absolute 4 most favorite go to apps to always have right there and the center could also always present what Siri feels is most appropriate to present at that moment, including the new predicted shortcuts coming in watchOS 5.

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