BubbleSort & BubbleSort TV Announcements

You may or may not have noticed there’s been some changes to the BubbleSort and BubbleSort TV websites recently. I’d like to take a moment to tell you about some of these changes. I’ve been kind of busy so this is late, but I’m very excited about these changes nonetheless and I hope you will be too.

First up John Chidgey did us a solid in December and put together a new consolidated website for us. He went a few steps further than just merging the websites though. The default page found at BubbleSort.show is now a new master list of all podcasts episodes from either BubbleSort or BubbleSort TV. There is a new Master Feed link there you can use to subscribe via rss if you want an easy way to catch all the things BubbleSorted. If you prefer to maintain separate feed subscriptions though your existing ones still work. You can also use the nav bar links to filter between regular BubbleSort episodes and the BubbleSort TV episodes.

That’s not all though, he’s also put things in place so there are links in the nav bar area you can sort and filter the BSTV episodes based on the shows we have been covering. I’ll list them here for convenience.

What’s even better is that all these shows we’ve covered now also have their own RSS and iTunes feeds as well. This means that you the listener can choose to only subscribe to the coverage of certain shows if you like. Also since they are listed in iTunes now they should also start to become searchable in any of the popular podcatchers that use iTunes for their directory.

Speaking of those iTunes feeds, it would really help us out if you’d subscribe to them and consider leaving a rating or review. This will help us be a little better placed in searches and ranking and we’d really appreciate it. I’ll list them here as well for convenience.

Now you’d think that would be plenty, but the fun doesn’t stop there, well at least not for us on the creative side of the shows. I’m sure we’ll geek out a little on the details of this later in an episode of BubbleSort so I won’t dig in too deep here. In summary, John has built this site in Hugo and structured it so it’s super easy to add any new shows we cover on BSTV to this structure and they’ll automagically get their own respective filters and feeds for you to view and subscribe to.

One last, but certainly not least, thing, The BSTV Fam currently consists of the following people.

Now I love all these guys, and we certainly all love each other, but we are lacking in diversity, most notably women. We have plenty in store for good tv to cover going forward, but we’d really like to have some more diversity in the mix, especially some female representation and perspective. There have already been a few great tv shows I would’ve liked for us to cover, but I just didn’t feel right doing so with only male perspectives.

If you’d like to help us out with this problem and join the BSTV Fam, please feel free reach out to us individually or DM the BubbleSort TV Twitter account.

Ideal candidates would be people…

  • Who have opinions on great tv shows willing to appear on a podcast and articulate or even have friendly debates about them when appropriate.
  • Who would be comfortable talking on a podcast, preferably already experienced in this area although it wouldn’t be required.
  • Who already have or would be willing to acquire a dedicated podcasting microphone and learn how to discretely capture it’s audio to a recording.
  • Who have a semi flexible recording schedule, we are a scattered fam and timezones are hard.

We look forward to continuing to do our thing and hope to see and hear from you as listeners and maybe even part of our little fam as we move the show into 2019. In the mean time, keep watching great tv and enjoying your favorite podcasts, even if they don’t have BubbleSort in the title.

Okay, one last thing. Join me and the rest of the Fam here in telling John Chidgey thanks for making this great new website possible.

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