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Scott and Ronnie had a great return to form on Pocket Sized Podcast as Ronnie finally got a break from his life to record. It was a great episode of the show covering popular podcatcher Castro’s latest version. Seeing as how I was mentioned several times I’d like to throw out a few points. 😎

  • I’m not sure how I feel about being called lawnmower man. It’s true I enjoy me some yard work, but he turned out to be a not so nice guy. 😂
  • They gave some great praise of my show Bubblesort and we appreciate the love. 🙏
  • I do in fact have an elaborate set of playlists I use as buckets to group shows by topic. That’s how I generally like to listen. I know it would be overkill for most people, but it works for me. 🤓
  • I’ve long since adjusted to and embraced the 2 step playback in Overcast, but Scott was correct. I was really mad about it at first. 😉
  • I think Castro 3 is absolutely beautiful.😍

The truth is I could probably get used to Castro’s way of doing things if not for the following set of show stoppers.

  • I need sync. This is a must. I listen to lots of podcasts and I don’t always want them blasting into my ears via headphones. At home I frequently use Overcast on my iPad.
  • I need just a little more than a Play Next option. The behavior Scott described where what I set to play next may not always play next would drive me batty. I like to set priorities for shows and have them play by priority. I could probably adjust to a single queue if I had that.

Finally here is today’s list of shows.
- PSP 185 - Castro - Pocket Sized Podcast - Overcast

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