#ListeningTo - Today's Podcasts 🎙

This one is a double again. I totally forgot to post last night. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I look forward to Siri figuring out I need reminding to post my list. Until then I guess I should probably set up my own reminder I suppose. 🤔

Yesterday’s Podcasts

I really enjoyed the Release Notes episode about savings and retirement planning. I’ve made many financial blunders over the years, but not saving for retirement isn’t one of them. I am fortunate the day job I’ve had for 15 years has a decent 401k so that is one of the things I’ve done right. I should probably be trying to save a little more, but I’m not in too bad a place according to Charles’s _Magic Spreadsheet_💰

Today’s Podcasts

It was a bit of a bummer to hear that Marco and Underscore were taking a break from Under the Radar for the summer, but they did go out with a good episode discussing their enthusiasm to work on watchOS 5 versions of their respective apps.

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